This job was a very challenging but rewarding project to be involved, the electrical specification was to a very high standard and the complexity of the electrical installation was very high. Our role in this project as the electrical contractor not only entailed the installation of the system, and co-ordination of subcontractors but also involved a large amount of design and assisting the client.

Systems installed

  • General power and lighting
  • External lighting and power
  • Rako lighting controls
  • Control 4 automation system
  • Security system.


We designed, installed and commissioned a Rako lighting system for most of the property working very closely with the client to understand his needs for the system. The client’s brief was that the lighting should be almost self-running with the minimum amount of user input, to achieve this the main form of control was the arming and unarming of the security system. When the client arrived home, upon unarming the security system the Rako would set all lights to a pre-determined scene throughout the property and once the security system was armed all the lights would then be switched off. To achieve this, we programmed all the scenes within the rako system and worked closely with our control system sub-contractors to allow the Rako and alarm system to seamlessly communicate, this also enabled all the lights to be activated in the event of the security system being triggered.

We also integrated the Rako system into the gate access system, upon the opening of either pedestrian gate or car gate, a select number of external lights would activate leading someone along the correct path to the premises, other features included synchronisation of the sauna room heater and light with the built in rako time clock and timed limits on certain lights to save energy.

Control 4

We worked closely with our control system sub-contractors for the control 4 installation and were responsible for the wiring of the system. The system included multi room audio, 4K TV distribution, blind controls, integration of Heatmiser Neo heating controls and HD CCTV system. This was an enjoyable part of the project to be involved in, to see all the controls of the house being seamlessly integrated into a hand-held device was a real insight into how far building technology has progressed over the recent years.

Design element

Although the project had an M&E consultant, The Oxford Electrical Company played an integral role in some aspects of the design, not only in the Rako system but also in the specification of the light fittings, wiring accessories and containment. Due to our knowledge of electrical products we were able to offer substantial savings to the client for alternative fittings of equal quality. We were also able to use this knowledge to specify RGBW LED tapes, external light fittings and industrial look galvanised wiring accessories.

Our electricians were outstanding on this project and I think you agree they delivered a great end result.

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