Energy Logging (Load studies)

Energy logging’s are becoming more and more popular with employers to determine several different things. Most commonly is where energy is being wasted, and if there is capacity on existing supplies for expansion.

Discover when and where energy in your facility is being consumed; from the service entrance to individual circuits. Profiling energy usage across your facility helps you identify opportunities for energy savings and provides you with the data you need to act on them. The package allows you to compare multiple data points over time to build a complete picture of energy usage, which is the first step to reduce the cost of your energy bill.


The energy logger makes these measurements:

  • Demand: Demand (Wh), Maximum Demand (Wh), Energy costs
  • Basic Measurements: Voltage (V), Current (A), Frequency (Hz), Phase rotation indication,
  • Power: Active Power (W), Apparent Power (VA), Non-active Power, (var), Power Factor
  • Fundamental Power: Fundamental Active Power (W), Fundamental Apparent Power (VA), Fundamental Reactive Power (var),
  • Energy: Active Energy (Wh), Apparent Energy (VAh), Non-active Energy (varh)

Harmonic Distortion: Total Harmonic Distortion of Voltage and Current.

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