Full and Part Electrical Rewires

Houses that are have not had their electrics rewired for over 20 to 30 years are likely to need attention and a possible rewire for two reasons;

1. The original wiring may have degraded and now be dangerous

2. The system is unlikely to be able to sustain the electrical demands of modern living.

An Electrical Condition Report (EICR) will highlight whether your property’s wiring needs attention.

There are several ways to spot whether your property requires a rewire. Rubber or fabric cables, round switches, sockets in the skirting boards all indicate the house needs rewiring. An old consumer unit or fuse box with fuses and replaceable wires, with a wooden back or a mixed selection of fuses will need to be replaced with a modern counterpart, a consumer unit with circuit breakers and residual circuit devices (RCDs).

Renovations and Rewiring

Renovations, whether in a commercial property or a domestic home can become very expensive if not planned properly. The Oxford Electrical Company can guide you with the planning, design and installation of a new electrical system that will function safely and efficiently in your renovation.

Additions to a rewire or renovation mid-way through can be both time consuming and expensive so it’s important to consider all lighting and switches required early on in the project. The Oxford Electrical Company will help you think about your task, mood and feature lighting with a lighting design scheme as well as the other important, but often overlooked elements such as ethernet cables, speaker/sound systems, smoke and heat alarms, garden RCD safety sockets and external security lights.

Our renovation and rewiring services include;

  • Full and part rewires (excluding occupied or furnished rewires)
  • Wiring a newly renovated area
  • Lighting design and installation
  • Security alarms, emergency lighting and CCTV
  • Door entry systems
  • Energy measures
  • Under-floor heating

We will not only design, plan and install electrical systems for a renovation but have the appropriate qualifications, knowledge and experience to carry out the inspections and testing procedures according to BS 7671 and issue an Electrical Installation Certificate and a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate if required.