Environmental Policies and Information

The Oxford Electrical Company aims to achieve its business objectives with as little harm to the environment as is reasonably practicable paying attention to the safe use and disposal of hazardous materials and the control of emissions, noise pollution and dust hazards.

Monitoring and Improvement. We will;

  • Comply with all regulatory requirements
  • Continually improve and monitor environmental performance
  • Continually improve and reduce environmental impacts
  • Increase employee and client awareness.

Our Aims

  • Recycle copper, steel, cardboard & aluminium and have a waste management system in place
  • Avoid waste and encourage recycling
  • Conserve energy, reduce consumption of raw materials and to reduce waste
  • Exercise the same concern for the environment wherever we provide services
  • Adopt practices which lead to improvements in environmental performance where practicable
  • Encourage sustainable use of land-based resources
  • Strive to reduce air, land and water pollution
  • Protect its employees and the environment from damaging noise exposure as laid down by the Noise at Work Regulations 2005
  • Plan & execute work to minimise the levels of dust arising from operations
  • Ensure that all employees will be provided with suitable protective equipment
  • Consider environmental factors when making business decisions
  • Minimise usage of water, energy and other consumables in the office environment.
  • Promote environmental awareness for The Oxford Electrical Company engineers & other persons under their control
  • Encourage staff to practice good environmental housekeeping at home
  • Work with clients, suppliers, contractors, regulators, professional bodies and the community at large to raise the environmental standards of the industries in which it operates.

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The Response Team

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