We are often asked by Oxfordshire clients how much it will cost to rewire a house. There are several factors that will affect this – the largest of which is how big your house is and what you want installed.

There are lots of factors that will affect the cost such as the style of fittings and components you plan on having installed as well as the number of lights, light switches, plug sockets and other power points you want around the house – and how smart you want the controls to be. It is best to speak to an electrician who will go through all your options so you can get a realistic quote for what you want to achieve.

What’s involved in rewiring a house?

An electrical wiring system is required to power all electrical appliances in your home – lighting, sockets and all your electronic equipment from your washing machine to your radio. Rewiring is the replacement of all wiring and upgrading the consumer unit –previously known as a fuse board or electrical fuse box. It safely distributes electricity from the mains supply to different circuits around a property.

How do you know if you need your house rewired?

Over time your electrical wiring will show signs of wear and tear, especially with the high electricity demands in the average modern home. It maybe that you’re moving into a home where the electrical system is very old and is no longer fit for purpose. Regulations are in place to keep people safe and improve efficiency and so if you have an old fuse box and wiring installed for the demands of the 1980’s then it is unlikely to be adequate and/or safe for the demands of the 2020s.

There are several indications to look out for that your house needs rewiring.

  1. If your electrical system keeps tripping out
  2. If your lighting dims and you need to replace bulbs regularly
  3. Buzzing noises from your electrical components
  4. Discolouration of wiring or fittings –this could be a sign of consistent overheating and burning.
  5. If your fuse box is made of wood and/or has iron switches. If your plug sockets are cracked or look outdated, if your cables are black or are the old cabling colour cabling/old cable colours
  6. If your consumer unit/fuse box doesn’t have an RCD (residual current device). A device to that prevents serious injury or fatal electric shocks. If you have an RCD, your consumer unit will have a button marked ‘T’ or ‘Test’, this is part of the RCD.

If the property has not been rewired in the last 25-30 years, we recommend giving us a call on call on 01865 803017 or email info@theoxfordelectricalcompany.co.uk

When we have completed your rewire we will complete an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) and issue a certificate to show that your electrics are safe and up to standard. You will need this is if you plan to sell your property or rent it out.

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