Lighting design from Oxford Electrical Company. What is lighting design and why is it important?

Lighting is an essential element of any architectural or interior design project. Light has a huge influence on comfort. Architects include large windows or feature glass to improve lighting and the sense of space and the same can be achieved with artificial light.

The Oxford Electrical Company work with experts in lighting design for both residential and commercial clients. We will ensure that our designs fulfil the lighting levels needed, the controls of the lighting, the points of light, the uniformity of the light and the aesthetic effect as well as the energy efficiency of the design.

The key to good lighting design is listening to the client and discovering how they use the space throughout the day (and night) and the mood or atmospheres they wish to create. As the day progresses, we use, and so need, different types of light for the tasks we perform. The type of space, colours and textures of walls, floors and ceilings will also have an effect on the lighting. Once we understand this we can start to decide on the points of light and the atmosphere they should be capable of creating.

What we are looking to create with lighting design:

  • The right amount of light (appropriate levels) for each space within the building

  • That every area has the right level of light to make it practical as well as comfortable.

  • Lighting is creating the desired atmosphere for each space and the building as a whole

  • Highlighting the architecture of the building

In this day and age customers are also looking for smart and easy ways to control their lighting and their lighting systems. We are able to install smart controls for lighting systems that can be controlled from an app as well as from the normal points in a home or office.

Professional lighting designers, like The Oxford Electrical Company, have an integral understanding of how light effects a space but also the electrical work needed to turn that design into reality. Depending on whether this is a new build, or a retro fit we can work with architects and interior designers on the lighting systems, types of lights, light points, and other necessary elements to create the right atmosphere in a place.

Without professional lighting design you may end up:

  • Having irregular light – shadows and dark spots or spaces that are too bright.

  • With poorly lit areas that might result in eye strain.

  • Spoiling the architectural or interior design with contrasting lighting

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