Rectifying an electrical installation that did not meet their expectations

Our Specialist Works

Simon Hegele, a company based in Didcot, Oxford, required assistance with rectifying an electrical installation that did not meet their expectations. They reached out for initial advice on how to improve the installation to operate at full capacity. We worked in collaboration with Urban Jungle in providing a comprehensive solution for the electrical installation, ensuring operational efficiency.

Simon Hegele is a company operating in the logistics industry, specializing in supply chain management and international transportation services. With their facility in Didcot, Oxford, they faced challenges due to an underperforming electrical installation, hindering their ability to meet operational demands effectively.

Initial Consultation and Design Proposal

Upon receiving Simon Hegele’s request for assistance, we provided an initial design overview of the project. Thoroughly assessing the existing installation and proposing a comprehensive solution to overcome the challenges. Understanding the critical nature of the project, we collaborated with Urban Jungle who carried out additional consultancy to analyze the incoming supply, harmonics, and upper limits of the installation, which were approaching maximum capacity.

Impressive Results and Future Collaboration:

Operational Efficiency:

Following the successful completion of the electrical installation, Simon Hegele experienced improved operational efficiency. The upgraded infrastructure allowed them to operate at full capacity, meeting their clients’ demands effectively. The installation of a new 250amp 400v supply, along with the appropriate distribution and balancing measures, ensured a stable and reliable electrical system.

Timely Completion:

The Oxford Electrical Company’s commitment to delivering the project ahead of schedule enabled Simon Hegele to avoid any delays in their operations. This punctual completion provided them with ample time to perform a test run and ensure that their facility was fully operational, enhancing customer satisfaction and maintaining their reputation for reliable service.

Design Proposal Approval:

Simon Hegele was presented with a detailed design proposal, which included cost engineering and a program of works. The proposal outlined the installation of a new 250amp 400v overhead supply along the length of the building, terminating into a new 250amp 3-phase Distribution board. It also involved the installation of new 3-phase final circuits for connecting multiple compressors, as well as the removal and re-termination of existing circuits into new and existing local Distribution boards to balance the supplies and prevent overloading.

Time-Sensitive Completion:

The primary challenge of the project was the tight timeframe. Simon Hegele had an imminent order scheduled to arrive by the end of the month, leaving no room for error. To mitigate this challenge, we adopted a proactive approach and focused on accelerating the project timeline. With meticulous planning and execution, we successfully completed the electrical installation one week ahead of schedule. This allowed Simon Hegele to conduct a test run, providing peace of mind regarding the operational readiness of their facility.