The complete rewiring of the lighting and power systems throughout the esteemed Chapel.

Our Specialist Works

Lincoln College, located in the heart of Oxford town centre, entrusted the expertise of Oxford Electrical Company to undertake a significant task – the complete rewiring of the lighting and power systems throughout their esteemed Chapel.

The project involved close collaboration with CBG Consultants to ensure the seamless integration of heating design into the rewiring project, while preserving the Chapel’s heritage aesthetics. CBG Consultants designed discreet pew heaters, color-coded to match the woodwork, ensuring a harmonious blend with the surroundings.

Sutton Van Associates, renowned lighting designers, were enlisted to create an impeccable lighting design plan. Smart controls from Mode Lighting were incorporated, along with fixtures from Universal Fibre Optics and Lumino Lighting, to enhance the ambiance and visual appeal of the Chapel while maintaining its historical significance.

Seamless Integration

A comprehensive upgrade of the mains distribution system was required to meet current regulations. Schneider Electric, a trusted provider, supplied the necessary components for this critical aspect of the project. The expertise and attention to detail of the Oxford Electrical Company team ensured a seamless integration of the upgraded mains distribution system.

To enhance functionality and aesthetics, all-new accessories from Focus SB were installed. This choice proved to be highly satisfactory, further elevating the quality and overall outcome of the project.

The Chapel, constructed in 1629, has served as a spiritual and musical haven for Lincoln College for over 400 years. Its rich heritage and cultural significance made the project all the more significant and required the utmost care and precision.

Impressive Results and Future Collaboration:

The client’s satisfaction with the completed works was evident, as they not only permitted the Oxford Electrical Company to return and photograph the Chapel out of hours but also commissioned further works within the college grounds. This endorsement reflects the client’s confidence in the company’s expertise and the exceptional outcomes achieved.

The rewiring project for Lincoln College Chapel stands as a testament to the expertise, collaborative approach, and attention to detail displayed by the Oxford Electrical Company and its partners. By seamlessly integrating heating design, implementing exquisite lighting solutions, and upgrading the mains distribution system, the team has successfully preserved the Chapel’s historical significance while providing a modern and functional electrical infrastructure. The project’s success has solidified the company’s reputation and opened doors for future collaborations within the college grounds. Visitors are invited to experience the transformative impact of exceptional lighting by visiting the Chapel during its opening hours.