//Harry’s Restaurant, Oxford

Harry’s Restaurant, Oxford

We were involved in helping Harry Cambell to create and open his Great British Food restaurant, Harry’s on the popular Cowley Road in Oxford.

The main body of the work was in the basement due to it being made into the new kitchen area where as before it was only used for storage. To do this they needed an additional 3phase distribution board installed to cover the demands of a commercial kitchen in full flow.

From this distribution board we were able to supply everything the kitchen required, such as the new much talked about Rational ovens, the 3phase fryers, the commercial dish washer and the general power and lighting layout. When carrying out the installation in the basement we worked closely with Rentacure from Witney whom was carrying out the damp proofing.

On the restaurant floor the main objective was to achieve the lighting requirements to set the mood our client wanted to offer their customers. To do this we installed some feature lighting like the picture below of these rustic looking glass hanging lights with an Edison squirrel element fitted for effect.

Harry also wanted the option of a higher light level to maintain a high quality cleaning regime, so to achieve this we install flush mounted dimmable LED spot lights. By doing this they remained discrete, so not to take away any presence from the featured hanging lights while still remaining practical for both mood lighting and working light levels for cleaning.

Throughout the restaurant and basement floors to meet building regulations for a commercial premises we installed Emergency lighting and Fire detection. These were done in cooperation with John Sears the local fire risk assessment officer and Executive Alarms Oxford.

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