The Oxford Electrical Company were tasked with the complete design of this project, the clients main objectives were for the install to be:

  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Low energy lighting to reduce running costs
  • Indirect lighting where possible to reduce glare
  • Something fun and different that could be used to create any mood to suit any event.

As the building contained a cinema room, gymnasium, sauna and a large swimming pool room every area had its own challenges from safety within the pool and wet areas to creating something special in the cinema room.

Lighting Controls

For the lighting controls we proposed the use of a Rako system, as there was a large amount of LED tape used it was the best option for dimming and controlling the colours on the various colour changing lights. The Rako system also gave him the option to be able to control the lighting and some aspects of the power via a mobile or tablet device from any location.

Cinema Lighting

In the cinema the customer wanted indirect lighting which could be set with different moods so the room can be bright enough for reading a book or suitable for watching a film on the big screen.

To achieve this we installed RGBW LED tape using a specially designed lighting coving. The lighting coving was installed around the perimeter of the room and then the LED tape mounted in the specially designed recesses to allow the light to shine down the wall and across the ceiling. We also installed all of the wiring for the surround sound speakers, projector and the 4m x 2.2m projector screen.


In the gym the customer wanted the lighting to be nice and bright and create an even spread of light, for this we installed LED tape around the perimeter and in the aluminium profile that shone the lights up onto the vaulted ceiling and also down the wall. We also installed some high powered 1200 lumens LED down lights.

As these were all individually controlled the required levels of lighting were easily obtained.

Pool Area

The pool area was a more complex area to light as it had a very high ceiling and there was limited areas to place the lights effectively. For the main lighting we used the same system as the gym, the only difference being the LED tape only illuminated upwards onto the vaulted ceiling. This gave a really good amount of general light as it reflected back down from the ceiling.

For the pool lights we had some RGB lights specially made that would work easily with the Rako system. This coupled of with some up and down lights on the bride and pillar walls and the area looked really good. As the pool lights were colour changing the customer wanted to incorporate the theme into the surrounding area also, for this we installed some RGBW tape in the alcoves mounted in an aluminium corner profile to give the arches a colour changing glow.